Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Magazine Vol. 5 - Page 10

Dear Reader,

It has been a long time since I last had some fun putting The Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag together. I had almost forgotten how lovely it feels to present your work, to frame it somewhere and it being a performance you share with others who get it, and maybe get you as well.

'Work' in my photographic sense, is really wonderfully wide eyed and willfully ignorant acts of play.

Fitting this play into what's left over after life has consumed the daylight is a personal and ongoing frustration. That tension begs a re-frame, a perspective shift, maybe a time shift even. And how many years have I been trying to do that:-)

In publishing this mag I am putting my hand up to perform somewhere.

The art/photography world can resemble a circus and my performance efforts clown-like calling from stage left, wanting to enter the act and never quite figuring out how others seem to do so well and get into all the dramas.

Note to moi: I am happy, skilled and the most important audience is myself.

This then is my show of my making. I take myself center stage unapologetically.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls........let the circus begin!

So much has happened since Vol. 4. on 35mm paper negatives. (feels like an age past)

I closed down Gallery259 as a physical space after nearly four years of weekends spent there.

I sold my house and have gotten married.

I now have Type 2 diabetes. (not because of getting married :-)

During those reformative events and times I have continued my love affair with analogue based photography and living my personal version of 'the analogue resistance'.

My darkroom and working spaces are home based as opposed to a gallery with an open door. While there are different frustrations, I love it like that.