Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Magazine Vol. 3 - Page 21

A Reflection:

Sometimes photography feels like this lumen print.

Has it gone wrong......

or has it actually gone right.............

or in the end does it really matter?

I can't remember what this print was of, it was a lumen print that had failed......but on scanning, it revealed a life of its own, clearly some old hag fighting off demons.

Or some such Beowulf saga with wolves, Grendel

or nightwalkers even.

It embodied something for those who had eyes to see.

I have demons of my own that I do battle with, we all do.

In this issue of Analogue Resistance I am confronting the demons of judgement.....and my own fear of being foolish yet again.

There are some whose ideas of lumen printing or things photographic are so rigid that this body of images might be deemed unacceptable to even be labelled lumen prints.

Beauty, and the story is in the eye of the beholder, just like this image.

I will trust that I am on a road that leads to Rome.

See you when we get there.