G20 Foundation Publications Australia 2014 - Page 8

INTRODUCTION & WELCOME INTRODUCTION & WELCOME Message from the Prime Minister of Australia Towards strong, sustainable and balanced growth Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto The G20 is committed to develop comprehensive strategies to stimulate strong, sustainable, and balanced growth worldwide. To do so, it has played a significant role in enhancing macroeconomic policy coordination among major economies, improving financial regulation and setting the basis for international recovery It is an honour for Australia to host the G20 in 2014. It is an important opportunity and a major responsibility. Our Presidency comes at a time when global economic growth is too low and unemployment too high. This is preventing people from reaching their full potential. So why is the G20 important? It comes down to a simple idea: the world’s major governments can do more economic good for our citizens when we work together. In accordance with these purposes, last February, G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors decided to coordinate efforts in order to lift the Group’s GDP. The collective goal is to increase it by more than 2% over the coming five years, above the implied trajectory by current policies. I am convinced we can achieve this by promoting sound macroeconomic policies and reforms, as well as, fostering investment, trade and competition. For this reason, Mexico embraces the ambitious commitment and looks forward to discussing an action plan, at the Brisbane Summit this November. That is what the G20 Leaders Summit is about. The G20 has proved itself in difficult times. It helped prevent an economic collapse following the global financial crisis. The main problem we must now solve is how to strengthen economic growth and employment, to create opportunities for our people. That is our common challenge. The best way to do this is by empowering the private sector. To have strong economies, we need business to invest, build the infrastructure of the future and trade with the rest of the world. We must also implement the G20’s financial reforms to ensure our economies are more resilient to future economic shocks. The challenge for the G20 this year will be to make concrete decisions and take real steps that will improve people’s lives through stronger growth, more jobs and better infrastructure. As the chair of the G20 in 2014, I will ask world leaders to come to Brisbane with a commitment to take practical action. It means developed and emerging economies working together. And it means partnership between governments, private enterprise and the community. I look forward to hosting world leaders in the beautiful riverside city of Brisbane in November 2014. The G20 will be the most important meeting of world leaders Australia has ever hosted. I want it to make a lasting difference. The Hon Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of Australia 8 In this regard, my country has a renewed capacity to contribute to global growth. Mexicans have started an ambitious transformation agenda that includes structural changes on education, finance, energy, tax collection, economic competition, and telecommunications. These reforms, approved last year thanks to Mexico’s main political parties’ willingness and sense of responsibility, will enhance our competitiveness and development perspectives. Furthermore, Mexico is taking the necessary steps to unleash its full economic potential. For instance, we have set an unprecedented investment plan in infrastructure. Our National Infrastructure Program will channel almost 600 billion dollars from now to 2018. Since our country has a privileged geographical location, we are determined to use these resources, to consolidate our position as a high-value added global logistics center. Our National Infrastructure Program will channel almost 600 billion dollars from now to 2018 Thus, Mexico is excited to co-chair the Infrastructure Investment Working Group, along with Indonesia and Germany. We believe the G20 has the required impulse to foster investment in this sector, promote financing to small and medium enterprises, and further enhance global economic development. We assume this responsibility as an ideal opportunity to face, as a team, the new challenges of a highly interconnected world. As one of the most open economies, Mexico fully backs the Australian Presidency initiative to hold a Trade Ministerial Meeting. We should continue strengthening this kind of discussions on G20 summits, as a means to attain more stable economic conditions, and especially, to create new employment sources and better paid jobs for our countries. One of my administration’s priorities is achieving a Prosperous and Inclusive Mexico. In that way, we will continue working on improving employment, food se ɥ䰁ٕ̰ͥ)ѥձɱ䁙ȁѡЁձɅ)Q́́ݡ5᥍́ݕ)ɕЁ́ѼɅє)Յ䁥Ѽ͍ͥ́)ЁɅٕ́Ѽ)хєѽ̰Ս́ѡ0Q(d ٥)$ٔɅ́她)ɕɭɽ́ Ȱݡݥ)х䁱́ѼՍ͙հѥ)]Ё݅ɵѽ݅ɑ)եх٥ɽЁȁɽ)х)ɽѠȁѡ́ɕͽЁ́ɔ)Ѽѕѡ ɥ͉)MյЁЁѡՍѥ)ѕȁɔȁȀͽѥ̸Z(