G20 Foundation Publications Australia 2014 - Page 42

42 H E A LT H C A R E We can defeat AIDS, TB and malaria if we all come together Defeating HIV, tuberculosis and malaria is no longer something unthinkable. This is the first generation to have the historic opportunity to end two plagues of millennia – malaria and tuberculosis – and the modern day Black Death – HIV. Scientific innovation and years of experience in the field have put the global health community within reach of ending these epidemics as threats to public health. The question is no longer whether we can do it, but whether we will actually do it. H E A LT H C A R E Dr Mark Dybul, Executive Director, The Global Fund The Global Fund is a 21st century partnership made up of external funders, government and non-government implementers, the private sector, faith- and community-based organizations and communities of people affected by the diseases. Our model allows us to work closely with countries, serve our partners better and take a holistic approach to health. This means removing inequalities and barriers to health to make scientific advances available to everyone, particularly the most vulnerable. Reaching the most vulnerable, keeping them in health programs once they start, and making sure that they get appropriate services, is essential to defeating the diseases. The people most vulnerable to disease often don’t have access to health programs. Women and girls, men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, transgender people, prisoners and migrants, among others, should be at the center of our programs. These groups can be up to 50-times more likely to have HIV than the general population. Creating an inclusive family promotes the human family advances the human spirit while ensuring that we defeat. Our partners from the private sector are also stepping up and sharing the responsibility we all have in defeating these diseases, with innovative ways of financing and providing expertise to our partners. A healthier workforce means healthier returns. Moreover, investments in health don’t just benefit individual patients, or their immediate families. It is also the larger communities and regions and countries whose economies and social fabric thrive on a healthy population. A healthier population is a more productive population – with higher individual household income to purchase goods and services from the global marketplace. Investments in health yield returns in a more economically, and therefore, politically stable world. Since the Global Fund was established, it has worked with countries and partners to support health system strengthening as a way to maximize its core investments and to contribute to sustainable health programs. Training community nurses or supportin šX[[\[Z[YH[Y\\˜[[\[[H]\K\Hܛ[\HX\]H\B[HYYZ[\H\X\\HXZ܈[[HHXH\]H[H[\\ YYZ[[\H۸&]XZH\HBZXܞHو[X[ۜXܙX\KB\H\[YHH\\[H[\X\H][[X\\HYܝ]۝\H\Z[Y [\[KHؘ[[\\B[\YYHYXx&\XY\\ X[B[Y\[YXKX\H\\ۘ[][ۈو[H][]U[Hܛ[HY\\[قX[\XHX]\H[^[ܙ[\BXY\\[\[ۈH[ܙX\[[[›ۈX[HZ\ۈY]ˈ[ܙH[[ܙK^HYH]\HX\[\Y[ [HYܝو[\\\HYYZ[RQ[X[\XB\XYH[ܛ[\ܙ\[X[YX\[Z[[ۜو]\]HY[]Y Yؘ[[ \\ܝYܘ[\[ܙH[ Z[[ۈ[H\BXZ][Y\][[\]ݚ\[\\KXYۛ\[X]Y[܈\œXXY[ܙH[ LHZ[[ۈ[K[[ܙH[ Z[[ۈ[XXYK]X]Y]]HY[\X]Y[Z[Y\œX[HHX[\XKX]\H\B\[H[] HYYHX\\]\[\Y[[\H[BH]KH\Y[X[^Z[\HYX[ۈ\[X\[ۋ[\]ݚ\[܈^[\KۛH]B]\][X]X[HYXHH[\›و[X[\]U\H\˜[[ܛ[\][[ۈ[YH[\˂]\][\ۛXY [وܝ[]H۸&]^H[ܙ]\YHXHX^B]X[\\\ܚX[[ \H]HX\Y]\[X[\™\X\\[[H]HH[و[YB۝HXYوH\X\H[B]\ZHX[ۈ܈[HXHH\]H\X\H[]ܛ\]\H\[ܙH\^[^[]HYX] [H[]][ۈ܈ܙ[^][ۂ܈X[ۈوܙ[^][ۜ\[H؋H[ۛHYX]\B\X\\YH[YH]\Y\\\[ܙX]H[[\]B[X[[Z[KۙH[XHX]]\[ۙH]Yۚ]H[\X H[YX]U[X[\XKH\]H] 8