G20 Foundation Publications Australia 2014 - Page 10

10 INTRODUCTION & WELCOME Message from the Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland Our customers need to fly point-to-point across the globe, and in many instances at short notice. Whether it’s a direct flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from London to Lagos, or from Kinshasa to Ulan Bator, we are seamlessly connecting our customers to every corner of the world in unrivalled levels of style and safety. VistaJet, the worlds luxury aviation company, is continuing their strategy of providing non-stop point-to-point global coverage when it placed a firm order for 56 new Bombardier Global aircraft, with 86 further options – the largest single transaction in the history of business aviation. On behalf of the people and government of Queensland, I extend the warmest welcome to delegates to the 2014 G20 Summit to be held in the State’s capital, Brisbane. I am delighted that Queensland has been chosen as the destination for these important summit meetings. Queenslands economy is expected to grow at a rate of 4% until 2017. That would restore Queensland to the position of top economic performer among the Australian states. The Queensland Government will do all in its power to ensure that occurs. The State’s prosperity is based on four pillars – agriculture, resources, tourism and construction. Agricultural and resources exports are major contributors to our economic health and have been for many years. Gross state product exceeds $250 billion in the financial year to June 30 2011, and merchandise exports contributed roughly 20% of that total. Resources exports are the most important by value, accounting for more than half the total. The State is about to benefit from a new industry, an LNG export industry based on abundant reserves of coal seam methane gas. Three LNG projects are under construction at the central Queensland port of Gladstone, involving a total investment of $58.9 billion. First shipments are scheduled for 2014. A fourth project is undergoing approvals processes. Boosted by these projects, business investment in the State rose by 56% in the year to March 30 2012. At that time, projects under construction were valued at about $102 billion, while investments worth a further $59 billion were being considered. This great resources industry has spawned an internationally renowned The Australian economy is expected to be the best performing major advanced economy in the world in the next two years mining services and technology sector whose products and services are to be found in mines and processing plants throughout the world. The Queensland agriculture industry accounts for nearly one-quarter of our exports. Major commodities are beef, sugar and horticulture. The State Government’s vision is to double food production by 2040 as world demand continues to rise, fuelled by rising living standards, particularly in Asia. Good agriculture is based on innovation, which is fostered by research and technology. The Queensland Government will promote agricultural sciences and invest in infrastructure like dams and water supply, transport and ports. A robust construction sector depends upon the strength of the other three pillars and we are boosting the tourist industry, just as we are facilitating the growth of resources and agriculture. We believe that our tourism industry can achieve higher goals than it has done in recent times. According to Tourism Queensland, it generates about $17 billion a year, directly and indirectly. We will develop and implement a 20 year strategy for the industry, which is underpinned by great natural beauty, a benign climate and friendly, hospitable Queenslanders who come from many different cultures. Delegates to the 2014 G20 Summits will have the opportunity to experience the vast range of possibilities, both tourist attractions and business opportunities that our great State has to offer you will be most welcome at events which, in November 2014, will be an outstanding success and a showcase for Queensland’s excellence in so many fields. ■ It is this global strategy that has made VistaJet the clear market leader with unparalleled experience flying in to, and out of, the hardest- to-reach destinations around the world. “When you see a business jet parked in a remote location, the likelihood is that investment decisions are being considered” - Thomas Flohr, VistaJet Founder and Chairman VistaJet is the only luxury brand in aviation that focuses on providing an understated and bespoke service. Flying with VistaJet is simple. Innovative flight solutions are designed for each of our individual customer needs without any asset risk. Every flight is tailored ensuring customers travel in the best style and luxury with maximum flexibility and value. The simple business model ensures the entire VistaJet fleet is made available to all our customers – with guaranteed availability at short notice – offering a truly global reach with no positioning costs. Non-stop point-to-point global coverage brought to you by the most experienced provider in connecting the hardest-to-reach places. Go where you want. When you want. In confidence A fully equipped business suite combined with bespoke comfort Your in-f light office and your home-away-from-home VistaJet Think Global +44 (0) 207 0 605 700 G20@vistajet.com w wrf7FWBFv&6ФD44rET$$Trrr2t2D4Ť%U$rU$4