FYI - Guide to life in Stephens County, OK 2019 - Page 10

EDUCATION EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN STEPHENS COUNTY DUNCAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS The Duncan Public School system has around 3,400 students enrolled from Pre-K to 12th grade, making it the largest school district in the county. The district includes Duncan High School, Duncan Middle School, five elementary schools, two Pre-K centers and an alternative education program. Duncan Public Schools are in year four of the district’s comprehensive strategic plan after a successful year one in 2016. DPS passed a major school bond in May of 2017, with proposition one being a request for technology for $1.15 Million and the second proposition was for transportation at approximately $1.6 Million — both passed with a super majority. This allowed for a one-to-one match for all students with Chromebook laptops, improvements in transportation with new buses including ADA buses and more coming as part of the strategic plan. MARLOW PUBLIC SCHOOLS The second-largest school district in Stephens County with around 1,400 students, the Marlow Public Schools district is made up of Marlow High School, Marlow Middle School, Marlow Elementary School and Marlow Alternative School. The Marlow High School art department has completed two community projects including a statue in 2015 and a mural in downtown Marlow in 2016. District Administration 10 DUNCAN MAGAZINE | FYI 2019 also moved into the old Garland Smith Public Library Building to set up a new office building, moving from the old administration building located at the High School. COMANCHE PUBLIC SCHOOLS With a total enrollment of 986 students, the Comanche Public School District is the third largest in the county. It consists of a 3-building campus which houses Comanche High School, Comanche Middle School and Comanche Elementary School and FAME Academy alternate school. The district has received several grants to help promote a healthy lifestyle in their students and has put these funds to work by constructing a new physical education building at the elementary. The district has also recently did a one-to-one Chomebook laptop for the upper grades BRAY-DOYLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Located east of Marlow, Bray-Doyle Public Schools is another one-campus school system that educates students from the rural communities of Bray and Doyle. The district, the home of the Donkeys, has recently started separating the elementary and middle school students of Bray-Doyle, as only elementary and high school divisions had existed before. Back at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Bray-Doyle Public Schools opened up a new building which