FutureScot, 28 April, 2016 2 - Page 9

THE CLOUD 28 April 2016 “So I asked Bill [Gates] to do a two-hour session on the connected consumer in 2006, and we did something like $50 or $60m in revenue on the back of this meeting, which was unplanned.” Peter Proud, Cortex CMS used to do the editing and delivery but we’ve broken it apart so the delivery is done from a very scalable cloud infrastructure and you just hook the editing capability into it.” AFTER WORKING at a senior level For the Microsoft Education for Accenture, Proud then decided to site, which spans 120 pages, Cortex go it alone. With Cortex, he has sunk developers used the ingest tool they £3m of investment into the company had created to suck in all the existing – some of it his own, plus investment content on November 22nd last year, from WPP – bringing in Microsoft and ‘re-platformed’ it four weeks later. consultants (who else?), and has based So how good is Azure, as an enterprise his business on the Microsoft Azure delivery system? platform. He is in the process of trying “It’s awesome,” says Proud. “Mito get a patent for the “rock solid” crosoft have got it so right. They are platform, which can build websites in going to do so well. What we’ve done around three minutes. is really unique as well – we’ve given “We’ve turned the whole way the global, local capability, so all of the industry works on its head. Everybody stuff that is controlled from the centre starts by building the CMS (content is bolted down and controlled centrally management system) and tries to from Seattle (headers, footers, main/ build on top of it – but they’re not very core products etc) and then the local scalable, they’re not very secure, and subs have got access to control things kind of clumsy, so we’ve just taken that locally.” element out and used Azure websites, The technol