FutureScot, 28 April, 2016 2 - Page 17

SKILLS 28 April 2016 FUTURESCOT 17 The retention approach to executive search: how one recruiter has created talent communities for its clients Denholm Associates is applying consumer marketing techniques to recruitment search BY KEVIN O’SULLIVAN on the same project. Prewired is not about bringing all participants through a curriculum at the same pace, at the same time, producing the same work and coming away with the same skill set. You will see each participant engaged with their own learning, in their own way at the pace they want to pursue it. You will see young people between the ages of seven and 19 working on projects that they have initiated, and you will also see them taking time out, chatting, playing games - looking for all the world like members of any tech start-up in this glorious city. Prewired was founded in 2012 by Ewan Klein, Freda O’Byrne, Amy Guy, Kit Barnes and Stuart Anderson. It is managed by a voluntary committee and is run by Rikki Guy, Cameron Gray, Freda O’Byrne and Helen Williams. Freda O’Byrne is also chair of playbase. org.uk, an online learning platform for early years parents and carers. Case study: RailCode BY DAVID AND ANDREW FERGUSON The increasing skills gap in the technology sector has often been highlighted by initiatives such as Code Club, Hour of Code – and recently the BBC micro:bit. However, all these projects depend on self-interest. For them to be successful, young people must actively have a desire to learn programming. An alternative approach would be something that appeals to young people on the basis of a fun and engaging experience which teaches them to code at the same time. That was the premise behind RailCode, our upcoming app that was created last August at the Young Rewired State Festival of Code. There is nothing complex behind the concept of the idea: users are presented with an underground tube map, and have to direct a train from one station to another. This could quite easily be implemented in a non-technical interface, but instead users are required to code the train to its destination, using the inbuilt tutorial and help. What’s more, the premise of a train requiring navigation through an V