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Let ’ s make future magic together
You know the world is changing , you ’ re overwhelmed with all of the incredible , improbable and the impossible things ahead , questioning if your industry will survive beyond tomorrow and keeping yourself awake at night worrying about what you can do right now to make sure you ’ ve got a profitable business well into the future
You might have dabbled with innovation , thought outside the box , tried to be agile and adopted a failure is my friend atitude , but none of these well worn , well intentioned slogans are doing it for you .
The only sure fire way to future proof your business , is hard work and deliberate sustained future focussed effort ( sorry , my magic wand is broken ).
You have to stop and take stock , take a good look at what the world will REALLY be like , what your industry may be like , what your customers may or may not want from you , what resources , what assets you might need , which business and pricing models will serve you best , what products and services you might provide and to whom , when , how and where and like a plate spinner you ’ ve got to figure out how to do it all for a constantly changing , turbulent , unforgiving business landscape called the Future .
This is where your tribe and my tribe meet to create future magic .
It all starts with a briefing session , or two , where you to get to know me and I to get to know you and together we begin to grow your program .
We ’ ll start by figuring out where you ’ re at , the direction you think you ’ re headed in ( or not ), what brought you to this point , how hard you willing to push and how much I ’ ll need to drag you and who ’ s coming along on the journey and then we ’ re ready to head off .
We can collaborate on a specific project or task or stay together ongoing , its ’ up to you , but here are some of my programs and a bit about what we might do in the time we have together .