FutureCurious Times 2017 2017 - Page 31

the event / the workshop / the game changer : this is my most favourite event to organise and lead


Many hands may make “ light work ”,

but many minds make the “ impossible ” work !

A FutureThon is where people come together to transform today ’ s thinking into tomorrow ’ s reality .
Hint : you know a FutureThon is working when you can turn off all the lights in the room and the buzz from the participants has enough energy to light the room up .

I n this extraordinary , one-off , absolutely unique event we will gather together your best and brightest , your staff , stakeholders , suppliers , collaborators , partners , customers , and clients and blend them with a room full of our own free thinkers , entrepreneurs , designers , developers , nerds , geeks , engineers , designers , students and potential users and give them all one clear directive : start from scratch ( or an existing idea ) and come back with a working idea , or prototype .

Generally , these events last from 2 - 8 hours ( but they have been known to go 24 -48 hours as well ), are filled with food , caffeine , prizes , and you guessed it , more caffeine and after time runs out the tribes demo what they ’ ve discovered and compete for prizes .
Behind the scenes we will work with you collaboratively to set the scene , develop appropriate scenarios and conversation starters , work with you to choose the best tribe of participants , build an event structure and agenda , assemble the tribe and crew , introduce the day , teach the participants how to collaborate and what to do , guide and support them throughout the event and then facilitate the pitch at the end – and between you and me along the way we ’ ll throw in a few surprises , rewards , twists and curveballs – just to keep the creative juices on edge and flowing .
Who ’ s this for ?
New Product Developers , Innovators and Wisdom Seekers who want to see the world through the eyes of others , to discover the possibilities that may yet exist , to find new products , services and ways of doing things and who are open to the serendipity of a tribe stumbling on the next big thing or game changer .
Whole of company workshops and events perfect for breaking down internal silos and barriers , getting people who may not otherwise work together working together and focussing on possibility , growth and the future .
Pioneering fearless event organisers who want to harness the collective wisdom of their delegate tribe , energise them and get them working together on solving business , industry and world issues .
B Corps and Not for Profits collecting and harnessing a community ’ s goodwill and great thinking in isolating and potentially resolving issues , problems and concerns .
Outcome : The goal is to start from scratch and end with a working solution or prototype .