FutureCurious Times 2017 2017 - Page 25

Keynote 2 : What will humans do when machines do it all ?

What will humans do when machines do it all ?

People vs technology is the battle of tomorrow ’ s employment landscape with predictions of 500,000 jobs being transferred from humans to machines within the next decade in Australia . an exploration of the how , why , where and when of tomorrow ’ s workplaces , people and machines . also available as a workshop .

W e have already seen routine jobs like bank tellers , cashiers , assembly workers and others lose their jobs in favour of machines . Next to go are the routine white-collar jobs including those from within the real estate , legal and financial industries .

In this new work-space the majority of us will be working when and where it ’ s appropriate rather than a mandated 9-5 ; the weekend and 4 weeks holidays will be antiquated notions and instead we will work and live fluid lives with no clear boundaries , each overlapping the other as and when “ life ” happens .
This one ’ s straight from the pages of the media and a topic that I got asked so often in 2015 to speak about on-air and in Board Rooms that this year it ’ s evolved to become its own keynote and workshop .
In this timely relevant piece I expose the jobs and industries that are dying and the new ones rising to take their place ; explore the future of our workforce ; emerging non-traditional work models ; show you how to tap into the vast contingent global talent pool , how to attract and keep talent in a digital age ; what the role of a transhumanist HR person will be and why you ’ ll need one and how to effectively lead a future physical – digital workforce that operates across space , time , culture and norms .