FutureCurious Times 2017 2017 - Page 24

Keynote 1 : most booked , with 1,200 + performances worldwide , across 140 + diverse industries


Guaranteed to lift your future spirits , get your innovation juices pumping & your can-do brain into overdrive . also available as a workshop .

F orget the clichés , the hype and the tech babble and let ’ s see what ’ s really going on in your future world , business and industry , starting today and looking out 18 months , or longer if you ’ d like .

We ’ ll identify , examine and make sense of all the key relevant horizon trends , new tech , new thinking , emerging markets and so much more that are likely to impact on your business and industry , prioritise them , learn what others are already doing with them and then create a new future horizon that ‘ s all about and for you .
You don ’ t have to pay for customisation with this keynote , it ’ s the only way it comes , lovingly handcrafted from your detailed brief , researched and delivered 100 % relevant to your audience , your outcomes , your business and your industry . This presentation is never the same twice !
The secret sauce is that it ’ s built fresh to your unique specifications , tailored to your audience ; introductory , intermediate and advanced level keynotes are all possible ; industry specific stories and examples are the norm ; and the journey we go on , the trend horizons we stop at and the things we explore along the way are all determined by what your audience needs to know and how they most enjoy discovering it .
Who ’ s it for ?
This keynote ’ s a universal piece , with something for everyone . It can be pitched to all ages , job titles and responsibility levels , and is equally enjoyed by sceptics , the wary and the believers .
USED AS AN OPENING , this keynote will create the fertile head-space your event demands if you ’ re truly going to open up your attendees minds and thinking to their world ahead , show them why being open to change is so necessary and explore the possibilities ahead for them .
USED AS A CLOSING , it will reinforce your events theme ; gather up , make sense of and prioritise delegates ’ learnings ; give them a clear understanding of what the future demands from them , the inspiration to want to do it and the practical tools to get “ it done ”.