FutureCurious Times 2017 2017 - Page 15

Article : internet of things

Do machine mothers know best ?

We ’ ve spent the last 30 years putting ourselves on line and becoming discoverable , it ’ s now our machines turn .

J ust like social media allows us to find each other across time and place , to interact , to discover , to speak , to listen , to inform , to engage , to transact , to query , to learn , to guide , to orchestrate , to announce , to follow and to lead , it ’ s now time for our machines to be able to do the same .

We are on the cusp of a revolution that will once again change everything we know about being human , having information , searching , communicating and connecting and the term for this is the Internet of Things ( IoT ) or Internet of Everything ( IoE ), but for me it ’ s Social Machines and Machine Mothering .
In the brave new world of today , the sum total of past human data and knowledge which is already discoverable on the internet , and growing exponentially , will be added to with the sum total of your real-time activity and real-time tracking providing “ now ” data on where you ’ re travelling to and from , what your current heart rate is , what ’ s in your fridge , what temperature your home is at , and whatever you else you may have connected to the other 50 billion devices currently monitoring and sending information into the internet .
This flood of information , impossible for any human to fathom or make sense of in real-time , is in fact a mere snack for our devices and apps . They are primed and eager , like mothers of old , to constantly scour and make sense of all this information for you pulling out all the relevant bits and pieces and joining them together for you and making sense of what is really happening in your world moment by moment and anticipating how this real-time real information may impact on you – mothers always know best .