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Aged Care For The Young At Heart

The Future of Aged Care is such a big topic , if for no other reason 1 in 4 of Australian ’ s are going to be in the Age Care demographic in the next 25 years .

R obots and stay at home technology is going to play a big part in this future and this week I took Clare Brady of Channel 7 ’ s Today Tonight on a virtual tour of how this might look in a decade or two , these were her take-aways from our chat :

“ Waiting in the wings are robots washing hair to replace human hairdressers ; and for more independence in the home , elderly people will soon have robots that remember faces , where you put your glasses and how you like your tea ”.
Futurist Morris Miselowski is convinced the sorts of inventions seen in Hollywood films like ‘ Robot and Frank ’ aren ’ t the stuff of fantasy . He says seniors ’ mornings will never be the same again when homes come equipped with elite sensors .
“ If it senses anything untoward – so if we normally get up at 9am but we ’ re not up yet – it will shake the pillow , rock the bed , draw the curtains to let in light . Then , if you don ’ t get up , it will phone somebody ,” Miselowski said .
“ When you ’ re in the bathroom it will monitor your vital signs , take sugar tests out of your urine , breath test you , and in the mirror it will check your complexion . it ’ s quite incredible ( and it ’ ll happen ) in the next ten to fifteen years .”
It ’ s a real challenge as in 40 years one in four Australians will need some form of care and will be living , on average , well beyond 100 .”
WANT MORE ? Click below to watch the interview :
Channel 7 ’ s Today Tonight – Hi Tech Solutions to Aged Care