Future Trends In Information Technology - Page 8

3. THE INTERNET OF THINGS A global network infrastructure includes existing and evolving Internet and network developments. It will offer specific object-identification, sensor and connection capability as the basis for the development of independent cooperative services and applications. These will be characterised by a high degree of autonomous data capture, event transfer, network connectivity and interoperability. Network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects through the exploitation of data capture and communication capabilities. Skills and Knowledge for The Internet of Things: Analytics Application development Cloud networking Cloud storage Control theory Data storage (storage technology) Decision theory Electrical engineering/electronics technology Interoperability Logistics and inventory tracking M2M - Machine to machine communication Modeling Networking RFID - radio frequency information device Sensor Software development Supply chain Copyri Ś›ÜŁ[˜[^\Č[\“[šĖ[˜Ėˆ[šYŚČ™\Ł\™Y‚Ā‚ƒ