Future Trends In Information Technology - Page 26

RECOMMENDED EMERGING AND EVOLVING OCCUPATIONS Employers who participate with InterLink’s annual labor market survey provide their employment needs for five years in the future. The results of InterLink’s 26th Annual Survey indicate the following occupations are emerging (new) or evolving (changing), and could be considered as a guideline for new education programs and occupations. SOC Code or ONET # EE = Emerging or Evolving Occupation EE EE 19-4021.00 EE EE EE EE EE EE 17-3024.00 17-3025.00 17-3029.10 45-3021.00 Occupation Title Advanced Digital Mfg.(ADM)Tech. Bioinformatics Technicians Biological Technicians Cloud Architect Composite Tech. (Bond Assembler) Computer & Digital Forensics Tech. Computer Security Specialists Convergence Technology Spec./Tech. Data Mining Tech/Data Scientist Electro-Mechanical Technicians (MEMS) Environmental Engineering Technicians Fuel Cell Technicians Gaming/Computer Simulation Tech. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (includes Engineering & Mapping Technicians.) EE EE 49-9081.00 EE EE EE 17-3029.12 /17/3029.11 29-1171.00 EE 17-2072.01 EE 17-3024.01 EE EE SOC Code or ONET # EE=Emerging or Evolving Occupation EE 15-1122 Occupation Title Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Technician Information Security Analysts Installer/Integrator/NOC/N etwork Associate/Engineer Materials Analyst Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians/Technologists Nurse Practitioners Patient Care Technician Radio Frequency Information Device Specialists Risk Managers Robotics Technicians Social Media Architects Social Networking Specialists Solar Photovoltaic Technicians (Electric) Installers Solar Thermal Installers & Techs. Wind Turbine Service Technicians Wireless Network Engineers/Technicians O*NET 17-3031.00 ©Copyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 25