Future Trends In Information Technology - Page 25

Practical Application Alternative Energy Installer Artificial Intelligence Cable Installation Programming Sensors Installation Software Programming Water Purification Installer Writing Scripts (Automated) Process Analytical ITIL Means Thinking vs. Results Thinking Measurement Process Decomposition Project Management Quality Software Test Process Automation Alternative Energy Creation Automation (SDN/Puppet) Basic Robotics Knowledge flow management (Software, Infrastructure) Security & Risk Management Access Controls Behavior Analysis Bring Your Own Device -Security/Integration Business Disaster Recovery Planning Business to Business (B2B) Communication Home and Small Business Network Installation Industry Legal Knowledge Integration of Personal Devices (BYOB) Installation National Security/Uncertain Risk Network Security Psychology Security Security Forensics Security Systems: Proactive/Learning Situational Awareness and Response Telecom Truck Sensors Application Development Context Awareness Data Integration Data Transport and Storage Social Networking & Collaboration Collaboration and Data Relationships Collaboration Tools Media over IP Application Social Marketing Social Media Social Media Business Applications Story Architecture Game Designer Game Script Writer Game Tester Logic Flow Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis Statistics Networking will remain relevant as sources for communication continues to evolve. More communication will be machine to machine in the future, and the bandwidth needed for this is significantly greater than what we have available today. ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved Scott Veibell Cisco Systems 24