Future Trends In Information Technology - Page 23

SUGGESTED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE MASTERY BY COLLEGE GRADUATION The Thought Leaders identified the following skills and knowledge for Information Technology which should be mastered by college graduation. Advanced Medical Technology Basic Robotics Bio Sensors Biomedical Engineering Clinical Decision Support Human Augmentation Personalized Medicine APP Development App Maintenance (AMS) APPS (Not application) Ethics (Intellectual Property) IT Truck Roll Mobile App Development Apps Business Applications (How to Use) Business Process Management (BPM) Mobile Apps Programming Languages Methodologies Automated Data Collection Sensor Application Specialist Sensoring Probe Integration Sensor's (Data Collection From) Automation Basic Robotics Context derivation Critical Thinking Basic/Foundation/Business Skills Basic Computer Skills Basic Office Applications (Word, Excel) Budgeting Business Plan and Communication Business Writing Collaborative Thinking Critical Thinking Entrepreneurial Skills Finance/Financial Planning/Budgeting People Skills Problem Solving Self Direction Self Education Time Management Work at Home Skills Writing Business Intelligence Attention Engineering Big Data Big Data: Machine to Machine Business Intelligence Data Mining High Performance Computing Security Sensors (interpreting the data) Cloud Big Data Capacity Planning Cloud Cloud Application Cloud Computing ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 22