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PARTNERS INTERLINK INDUSTRY TRENDS TASK FORCE LEADERS: Chair: Tu Huynh, Vice President, Infrastructure Technology Services, Comerica Bank Vice Chair and Thought Leader Facilitator: Leon Kao, Certified R6σ Expert, SAS Engineering North Texas Regional Lead, Raytheon Partner Organization: Helen Sullivan, Director Convergence Technology Center, Collin College Member: Mabrie Jackson, President, North Texas Commission Member: Larry Pereira, Wireless Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent Staff: Candy Slocum, Executive Director, InterLink NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS INTERLINK, INC.: InterLink is a nonprofit organization with 26 years of labor market and industry trend forecasting. InterLink acts as a bridge between business and education. Secondary and post-secondary education institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth region use InterLink’s forecasts for of Career and Technical Education program planning and curriculum development to train a highly skilled regional workforce. www.interlink-ntx.org CONVERGENCE TECHNOLOGY CENTER, COLLIN COLLEGE: The Convergence Technology Center (CTC) is a National Science Foundation Advanced Technical Education National Center of Excellence. Collin's Convergence Technology program introduces the "triple play" combining voice, video and integrated data over an IP network. The program focuses on key content in all three areas and gives students experience in solving real-world problems through case study courses. The two novel case study courses address contemporary Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and the Enterprise network business situations, allowing students to utilize the college's stateof-the-art Convergence Lab to build a portfolio of completed projects prior to entering the workforce. www.ConnectedTech.org Project Sponsored by: Copyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved