Future Trends In Information Technology - Page 19

14. VISUALIZATION MANAGEMENT Visualization Management occurs through well--‚Äźdefined interactions between the IT silos by considering factors Allows such as where applications reside; where virtual administrators to machines reside; what resources they are using; how manage their they are performing; and are more or less resources environment and required to meet service level agreements. VM also prevent resource considers: are there bottlenecks in the environment, and contention and performance if so, where they are; what is needed to maintain problems from optimal operations immediately and constantly; is it happening. necessary to start a VM or stop a VM, or move a VM; where would that happen; would the change necessitate reconfiguration of any of its resources, or provide more, or less; and, what would be needed to address any bottlenecks? Skills and Knowledge for Visualization Management: Attention engineering (focusing and manipulating attention) Brain science Data Mining Graphics Lean IT Modeling Open Source Process analytics Psychology Reporting and automation of reports Retina Technology Saving the visualization rule/profile set and allowing multiple versions Smart computer interfacing with personalization Statistics Story boarding Time sensing graphic changes Virtual reality Visually impaired - zooming in etc. Copyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 18