Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 9

3. Genetics and Genomics Ranked #3, of the three most importance trends. The study of the roles of genes in inherited disorders, how genes interact with each other, and how genes interact with the environment. Studying genetics and genomics teaches us about complex diseases, helps us design treatments and therapies, and allows us to create new diagnostic tools for common health conditions. Genetics will enable doctors to personalize patient care, choose drugs that treat diseases most effectively, and assist individuals in understanding their risks to develop diseases or genetic conditions. Skills and Knowledge for Genetics and Genomics: Artificial skin Laboratory management Biochemistry Laboratory/technology sales Bioethics Law - legal knowledge protection Bioinformatics - analytics and understanding Organ management Biometrics Pharmacogenomics Biomimetic Biotechnology Cloning Communication of knowledge - counseling Customer service Data storage Ethics Genetics Genomics Palm Vein Scan Proteomics Quality Reproductive organs Research Robotics Safety Stem Cell Therapy and Research Technology development Virology Growing organs ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 6