Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 7

Integrated clinical skills Realities of healthcare to understand the Internships industry Knowledge of licensures Reduce variations across systems Leadership competency Research Learning strategies Safety Machine repair Simulation Technology Medical knowledge for Billing Staff Skills Inventory for educational best fit Monetary incentives for health wellness Specialized health care needs Motivation of wellness movement from point of care at brick and mortar locations to virtual visits Subject matter expert teaching Teach personal responsibility for health Team effectiveness development New education delivery models and tools Technical preparation Patient education Timelines to prepare for career People aspect of health careers Understanding Health Care opportunities Personal respons X?[]B???????H]?[?Y[???\???[]H]?[X][? HX?[]H??\?B?????[????][???]?Y[?X?Y[ZXH[??????[H]?[X][????X?X?B??]X[]B??HX[?\?H[?\??H\??\YH?[??[??\??H??]?H?X\??[?B?X??]?\????[???H[?H??\??[?\?]\?[?^?][??[YH?[?\?HX[?\?H?X????[?]?YX[???[???H?[[??[?[\?[?\?]?HH\??[???[[???\??[???]?HH\????????Y?K???Z][?X]Y\??\?Y?YY?[?]X???[??[??U??]?\?\??YYX?[?[?\????P??\?Y????[??[^\?[?\?[??[??[?Y???\?\??Y????