Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 23

Patient assessment robot - doctor off site Personal Telemetry to follow patient and connect to E Med Speech recognition for radiologist/cardiologist/back and front end Quality Stem cell/Genome extend life to 100 years and beyond Research and evidence based practices Systems Technology Technical Diagnostics Robotic assisted procedures Robotic Testing Robots everywhere- Emergency Room, Food services, Patient care. Robots used throughout hospital from Emergency Room to Pharmacy Technology everywhere Technology tracking of patients following discharge Telecommuting Telemedicine Safety Telemedicine System that analyzes 10 categories and 100 readings such as blood pressure weight gain/ analyzes risk - falling, stroke, etc. Scanning medical records The technology generation Server engineers - Mainframe - Unix, etc. Transparency Smart Dashboards Wireless technology Rural areas telemedicine - doctors reading for several facilitates such as radiology We will see much more change, and it will become more technologically delivered. Larry Nelson JPS Health Network ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 20