Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 22

14. Technology Delivery Means or procedure for providing a product or service within an organization or to the public with the use of technology. New technology will change the delivery of care such as Robots assisting doctors in treatments, and hospital beds that are the center of a digital network. Skills and Knowledge for Technology Delivery: 3 D Printing of organs in the future E-Health Technologies Advanced diagnostics with analytical recommendations Electronic medical records - EMR Advanced diagnostic testing with analytical recommendations Ethics Analytics Gnome testing Apps for healthcare delivery Artificial intelligence delivery Avatars Behavior analytics by phone such as Ginger.io Biometrics for chronically ill constant tracking Cardiovascular info systems Cell phones, tablets, etc. Cloud Services Computer auto suggested coding Connectivity Database and Storage technology Data mining for information and research Electronic Signatures Global telemedicine Growing organs Hand Held Technology Health information Healthcare Gaming Holograms Hospital beds will be the center of digital technology Information Technology Integration technology connectivity Maintenance and Repair Mobile technology Must overcome "Not developed here" and won’t use syndrome Neuroscience - Brain Mapping Palm vein scans - patient ©Copyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 19