Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 20

13. Research A systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. There are several forms of research: scientific, humanities, artistic, economic, social, business, marketing, practitioner research. Skills and Knowledge for Research: AB Skills Business writing Anatomy/Physiology/Biological Systems Cause and Effect Bachelor of Science Nurse Clinical decision report - diagnostics - alerts Biostatistics Clinical documentation improvement Clinical research - evidence based medicine Discovery Communication Documentation Competencies Education ongoing Complexity of medical health problems, aging and life expectancy Effects of external and internal variables on Compliance Evaluating research projects and published data Ethics Comprehension Computer programming Continuous educational growth and programs Control groups Cost of res earch Critical thinking and clinical thinking equal good patient care Data Scientists Demographics Diagnostics Evidenced based learning Evidence based practices FDA regulations and policies Genetic/Gene Technology Grant writing Hospital setting intra Infection Prevention and Control Interdisciplinary communication/cross function collaboration Interpretation ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 17