Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 2

PARTNERS INTERLINK INDUSTRY TRENDS TASK FORCE LEADERS: Partner Organization: Shannon Ydoyaga, Interim Executive Director, Health Careers Resource Center, Dallas County Community College Chair: Tu Huynh, Vice President, Infrastructure Technology Services, Comerica Bank Vice Chair and Thought Leader Facilitator: Leon Kao, Certified R6? Expert, SAS Engineering North Texas Regional Lead, Raytheon Susan Barnes, Director of Clinical Services, PrimaCare Gwen Duffie, Director, 3m for Healthcare IT Cynthia St. John, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, THR Art Signo, Education Team Leader, Baylor Hospital InterLink: Candy Slocum, Executive Director, InterLink NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS INTERLINK, INC. - www.interlink-ntx.org InterLink is a nonprofit organization with 26 years of labor market and industry trend forecasting. InterLink acts as a bridge between business and education. Secondary and post-secondary education institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth region use InterLink’s forecasts for of Career and Technical Education program planning and curriculum development to train a highly skilled regional workforce. HEALTH CAREERS RESOURCE CENTER, DALLAS COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT www.dcccd.edu/hcrc The HCRC assists students in selecting the best career pathway and educational programs based on their areas of interest and abilities. Dallas County Community College District Students and offers job placement solutions for the healthcare employer community. Services include academic advising for “right fit” placement, program selection, career assessment, career research, employer networking, and job placement. With 48 credit related healthcare programs and 68 continuing education programs, the HCRC assists students select the right path for them in a healthcare field. i ©Copyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved