Future Trends Health Care 2013 - Page 10

4. Ancillary Support Services Support services other than room, board, medical and nursing services. Hospitals normally outsource such services as diagnostics, therapeutic and custodial. Skills and Knowledge for Ancillary Support Services: 3 and 4 dimensional imaging Medical prosthetics Caregiver education Mental health Caregiver stress reduction Nutrition Computer aided design (CAD) Occupational therapy Counseling - family/personal Pastoral/Chaplin Services Digital Pharmacy Disability support Physical Therapy Governmental services Poly Pharmacy (compound) Graphic design Prosthesis Hearing Radiological Hospice Religious/Spiritual Innovative Medical Devices Safety Lab Social Workers Language services - translation Speech Therapy Massage therapy Virtual reality imaging Medical art Vision ┬ęCopyright North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. All rights reserved 7