Future Resident Guide Rev. 5.1.2019 - Page 14

R E N TA L H I S TO R Y Each applicant is required to provide two years of residency history. Any outstanding debt and/or judgement owed to any prior landlord may result in a denial. Prior evictions, filed or enforced, may result in an automatic denial of the application. We may request rental verification if rental history cannot be verified. A PPL I C A N T SC R E E N I N G / M U LT I PL E A PPL I C A N T S Multiple applicants may apply on the same application when applying through our portal. Need help applying for a home? Call your local property management office for assistance. S E CU R I T Y D E P OS I T Applicants that are approved and wish to move forward with a lease are subject to paying a security deposit. Security deposits may vary depending on the market, credit/risk score, other various qualification factors. CO M I N G SOO N H O M E S If you find a home you love, and it says, “Coming Soon”, that means one of our residents still lives in this home. Please respect their privacy and do not attempt to peek inside the home. RENTER’S INSUR ANCE Residents are required to carry a minimum of $100,000 Property Loss and Personal Liability Insurance coverage. In addition, we ask that you identify FirstKey Homes as a “Party of Interest” or “Interested Party” (or similar language as may be available) on the renter’s liability insurance policy. Proof of this coverage is required at lease renewal and/or time of possession. Waterbeds 12 Rental Qualification Criteria • FirstKeyHomes.com will only be allowed with proof of fully paid insurance for the term of the lease. PE T S Unless at the written approval from the Landlord, no more than three (3) pets are allowed in the home.   Applicant(s) are required to a non‐refundable per pet fee of $250; and, where applicable, monthly pet rent of $25 per pet in the home.   Unless deemed restricted by local city or county ordinance, pets are allowed. Restricted breeds include Akita, American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Chow, Doberman, German Shepard, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bull, Presa Canario,Rottweiler, Wolf, or any mix of the listed breeds.   Assistive Animals for persons with disabilities are not considered to be pets and are not subject to the pet restrictions bestowed in this section. Assistive animals require Landlord’s advance written authorization.   Exotic and/or poisonous animals are not permitted regardless of whether the animal is a pet or an assistive animal. CO M M I T M E N T TO E Q UA L H O U S I N G FirstKey Homes is pledged to the letter and spirit of all applicable state and federal fair housing laws, including, without limitation, the Fair Housing Act (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended), for the achievement of equal housing opportunities for all rental applicants and Residents throughout each of the states in which we operate. We encourage, foster and support an affirmative advertising, marketing and rental program in which there are no barriers to obtaining or enjoying housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap (disability), familial status, national origin or any other class of persons recognized under any applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations. In addition, it is FirstKey Homes policy to make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in accordance with applicable fair housing laws. A PPL I C AT I O N DO E S N OT C R E AT E A L E A S E This application, even if accepted, shall under no circumstances be considered a lease agreement between Applicant and Landlord, or an offer to lease. No lease shall exist between Applicant and Landlord unless and until the parties enter into a formal Lease Agreement and Applicant pays all required fees, security deposits, and rent. UTILITIES All utilities except for water/sewer are the responsibility of the resident. (FirstKey Homes will bill you directly for water/sewer services.) Please contact your local leasing agent to determine if gas is required at the home. All utilities should be on and active in your name on the day of move-in. V E H I C L ES No more than four (4) vehicles are permitted at the residence. Vehicles must be operational and have current registration up to date. Additional HOA restriction may apply to number of vehicles, commercial vehicles and allowed parking locations. FC R A CO M PL I A N C E Landlord is required to obtain written permission from applicants or tenants may show that Landlord has permissible purpose to obtain credit reports. Adverse action, any action by a landlord that is unfavorable to the interests of a rental applicant or tenant; will be given to the applicant or tenant as a notice of that fact in writing or electronically. Any consumer report that is printed will be securely disposed in the event further information may be evaluated by representatives of the Landlord. FirstKeyHomes.com • Rental Qualification Criteria 13