Future-Proof Building Showhomes New Plymouth Showhome built by Jennian Homes - Page 8

exterior Situated in a new New Plymouth subdivision, this home is designed to stand out with its cutting edge design and modern features. The entrance has been well finished with landscaping completed and large drive entrance. Visitors are welcomed with a bright red, glossy statement door, made of glass, from Fairview; and has a top quality lock on it. A smart, glossy red statement door creates a statement entrance to the home. 8 | Jennian Homes New Plymouth Showhome The framing of this home is timber which was supplied by Carters. Carters supply the highest quality, kiln dried and machine stressgraded timber, making it a solid structure solution for this home. This home is fully insulated with PinkĀ® BattsĀ® in the ceiling, internal walls and external walls and at a grade higher than the NZ Building Code meaning this home is well equipped for winter months. Carters timber frames and trusses are a big part of the supporting structure of this home.