Future-Proof Building Showhomes New Plymouth Showhome built by Jennian Homes - Page 16

technology & creative spaces Making a home different from the norm can be achieved by clever use of space and embracing technology. If that’s what you’re looking for this home has answered your call. The natural light provided by the HomeTech Solatube means the hallway is only dark in the evening. The Beam Central Vac System is tucked away in the garage. Connect to data or just plug in an appliance. Legrand range of switchgear in this home is a definite point of difference. This home has an unbelievable amount of technology which will inevitably mean the homeowner will have a little bit to learn when moving in, but it will pay off in spades over the years. make it easier to access the cabling a Hubbell Home Board is in place in the garage of the home. To create better use of space the Jennian Homes team have utilised a bright red sliding door. This door will allow the homeowner to leave the space as open plan or close off areas of the home if they choose. Fully wired for data the home is ready for big TVs, heavy use of internet and anything else that technology wants to throw at it. To Also in the garage is the Beam Central Vacuum System. This system has outlets around the home so instead of lugging a large vacuum cleaner around you just take the hose. To add to this fabulous machine is a vac pan which is located in the kitchen. Simply sweep crumbs up to the vac pan, turn it on with your foot and the crumbs will be sucked away. Dark hallways are an issue in many homes. This problem has been solved here with a HomeTech Solatube which allows natural daylight into the space. The Hubbell Home Board enables easy access to home wiring. Kitted out for data means coping with higher demand on the technology front wont be a problem in this home. 14 | Jennian Homes New Plymouth Showhome