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PUBLICIDADENERGA SOLAR OBRA PROTEGIDA POR DERECHOS DE AUTORwww.kelcolombia.com FUTURA  TECNOLOGA RENOVABLE Y SOSTENIBLE - ABRIL 2012 23 ENERGA SOLAR year warranty on an output of 90 percent and a 25- year warranty on an output of 80 percent. The prod- uct guarantee for standard modules lasts for ten years. Customers invest in green returns Innotech Solar is in a position to oer its modules at an excellent price-performance ratio: The Norwe- gian company purchases o-spec cells for a favorable price and, at the same time, producing modules with optimized cells requires around 90 percent less energy than needed to produce standard crystalline modules. Over the past three years, ITS modules have been used in solar projects in 17 countries. More often than not, these projects have multiple megawatt outputs. In addition to the reasonable price, the low carbon footprint plays an im- portant role for customers. Green City Energy is a company that puts a lot of value on sustainability when selecting its suppliers: Our more than 2,800 investors do not only wish to see a favorable and stable return; they also want to use their investment to make an active contribution towards protecting the environment. Therefore ITS mod- ules suit our companys ideals perfectly, claims Thomas Prudlo, Chief Executive of Green City Energy AG in Munich. Manufacturers prot from a reliable distribution channel Why do manufacturers sell their rejects to Innotech So- lar? The low quantity of rejects means that processing the cells themselves is, in most cases, simply not worth their while. Selling their cells to Innotech Solar, however, pro- vides them with a reliable distribution channel with guar- anteed prices. Innotech Solar only buys cells from leading manufacturers and resells the modules under its own brand. About Innotech Solar Innotech Solar currently has a cell production capacity of more than 160 megawatts. The companys orig ɽՌ)ѥ́9٥9݅䰁ݡɔѡɕЁÌ)Յѕ́ɔѕM)չİѡ䁡ٔͼ)ѥ饹́܁ѽ䁥!ȁM)ɵ丁QɽՍ́ɝɽѥ̀)ձ́ɵȁI ͽȁѽ䁥لMݕ]Ѡ)́ձ䁅ѽѕɽՍѥ̰Ё́ɽÌ)ЁɸɽՍѥ̸Qمɥ́ձ͕ɥ̀)ɔͽ٥Չͥɥ́5չ ɹM