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Dinosaur Egg 1. Mix up the glue mixture –¾ PVA glue and ¼ water and stir. 2. Cut or rip lots of strips of your newspaper about 1 inch wide. 3. Put something in your balloon – this could be a toy dinosaur, bird, or even a toy kitten or car! 4. Blow up your balloon ready to be covered in papier-mâché. One balloon pe r egg Newspaper PVA glue Water Paints or colo uring pens Checklist! Stained Glass Windows Checklist! Wax paper Crayons Knife, scissors or crayon sharpener Scissors Anything you would like to decorate the window with that is flat, for example, images, glitter, photos, sequins etc. An iron (an adult needs to supervise this) 1. Cut two matching pieces of waxed paper, in whatever shape you would like your window to be. 2. Decorate one of these pieces; you could use glitter, photos, pictures etc. Leave a border around the edge of your window that you will remove later. 3. Collect crayon shavings using a crayon sharpener, a knife or scissors. Ask an adult to help you with this. Scatter these shavings across your window; they will make colourful areas on your stain glass windows when you iron it. Cover your window with the second piece of waxed paper. 4. Ask an adult to put down a few sheets of newspaper, followed by your window, followed by some more newspaper. Now the adult needs to iron over the window, with the iron on a medium setting, checking regularly that it isn’t burning, until the wax has all melted and sealed. 5. Now you can trim all the excess wax paper away and punch a hole in the top of your window to hang it! (If your window didn’t completely seal, don’t worry – you can use sellotape to seal it up!) 5. Dip your strips in the glue mixture and cover the egg. Make at least two layers all the way round. 6. Leave it to dry overnight – the more layers you use, the longer it will take to dry and the harder the egg will be to ‘hatch’! 7. Decorate your balloon with paints and pens and then leave it to dry. 8. Pop your balloon near where the tie is at the edge of your egg and pull it out. 9. All done! When you have finished enjoying what it looks like, you can ask your parent if they will open up your egg using a knife, or you can crack it, smash it and ‘hatch’ it out! Egg Shell Tulips 1. Clean out your eggshells and dry them. You could use the sections of an egg box instead, cutting around each egg section. 2. Decorate the shells to look like tulips with paints or pens. 3. Spiral round the end of a green pipe cleaner for your eggshell or egg carton to sit in and add some glue so they will hold. 4. Attach your egg shell or egg carton and allow to dry. 5. You can make as many as you like and create your very own bouquet! Eggshells or egg box sectio ns Green pipe cl eaners Paint or pens Glue Checklist! Plastic Jewellery Checklist! Plastic PET bottles or any kind of PET plastic (important, only use plastic that says PET Plastic on it) Scissors Permanent markers Hole punch Oven tray covered in foil A moderately hot oven String 1. Ask an adult to preheat your oven to around 180-200°C. 2. Cut up your plastic bottles into various shapes. You may need your parent to get you started by slicing the bottle with a sharp knife or craft knife. 3. Draw and decorate your plastic with all different coloured permanent markers. It works best if you colour the inside of the bottles and use as much colour as possible. 4. Punch holes all the way around your piece of plastic. When the bottle melts these may get covered up, so the more you make, the more likely you are to have a suitable hole to hang your jewellery from. 5. Put your plastic on the foil covered tray, ensuring they are far enough apart that they won’t stick to each other. 6. Ask an adult to place them in the oven. It should only take a few minutes for your plastic to melt, so keep an eye on it. 7. Once it has melted, ask an adult to remove the plastic from the oven and place it under a fan or outside to cool, as well as ensure there are no nasty smells. 8. Your jewellery pieces are now finished; hang them from necklaces, earrings and key rings! Spoon Pals!-Bunny! 1. Paint your spoon the colour you would like your character to be and allow it to dry. 2. Cut out ears for your bunny from card or foam and then cut out some slightly smaller ears from a darker shade to make the inner ear. Glue the inner ear onto the outer ear and then glue these to the back of your spoon. 3. Now you can stick on your eyes, or paint or draw them on, as well as a little nose and maybe some whiskers? 4. Now your spoon pal is complete! Why not try making all sorts of different spoon pals? You could even use them as puppets to make your very own puppet show! Wooden spoo n Paint Craft foam or strong card Googly eyes (y ou can paint th ese on if you can’t fin d them!) Glue Pens Checklist! 10 | FUSE 11 | FUSE