FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 4

FUSE Young Reporter Introducing FUSE Young Reporter: A LEX D ned Hi, my name is Alexander! I tur n is sig iac 9 in September, so my zod ite Virgo; what’s yours? My favour tain cer a is food in the WHOLE World brand of chocolate! a Over my years, I have developed cy and love of Science, as well as Litera ng You a Maths; therefore, becoming at Reporter for FUSE became a gre ly nal fi ld opportunity for me as I cou g publish my own articles discussin ts. fac and recent science news aff airs y I learn the piano, guitar and pla self drums for fun. I have taught my some computer programming. t, I participate in swimming, cricke basketball and squash with my favourite being swimming. Q A Q A 4 FUSE EDITOR’S NOTE: LS’! TWO ‘50 META g found interestin as h E S U F , ar ye All the number 50 topics to do with th tial Plus UK’s 50 en ot P g in be 7 01 (2 why we asked birthday). This is ’ Alex if he would ‘Super Scientist n. about gold and ti write something Do you FUSE reader s have any idea why ?! It is because the metal and colour gold are us ed in all kinds of 50 th cele br ations. For example, our 50 th Birthday, a 50 th Golden Wedding Anniversary or the Go lden Jubilee for the Queen's 50 years as ou r monarch. And why tin? Because it is the 50 th element on the periodi c table, of course!!