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SEE IE C iS NCE & iWORLD P 4-9 R NE R NE DON’T LOOK D OW N , LORET TA! FUSE reader Theo W is on our front cover this month. P 16-18 CONTENTS: H ELLO, FUSERS! ! FUSE Editor Gillie What a busy time it’s been judges hard at work Ithell was one of a panel of and Runners-Up choosing the E-zine Winners tries for our ‘FIFTY’ and Highly Commended en NER Writing Competition. UR hted to announce OUR Potential Plus UK are delig is… Michael C! SE ITIONS FU PET COM for er inn W e on the that -15 nt P10 llia bri ael! A Yay! Congratulations, Mich achievement! Challenge was The 2017 Summer Reading uses for now on the popular and Librophilia! foc tteo S. choices of FUSE reader Ma Loretta L shares As for our Young Reporters, s at the Big Adventure her family’s highs and low Alex D, turns our 50 Weekend and new recruit, ‘precious’ with his theme into something truly unusual Science combo..! ing; we wish all Fusers Have fun reading and click Happy 2018! a Merry Season and a very 3 Librophilia!: Fuser Review, by Matteo S 4 Introducing new Young Reporter, Alex D 5-9 iScience, iWorld & iTech: The Amazing World of Gold and Tin, by Young Reporter, Alex D 10-14 ‘FIFTY’ Writing Competition feature; winning entries! 10-13 iWords: FUSE 13 iWords: IGNIS 14 iWords: SPARK 15 iMaths, iArts & Thinking Skills 16-18 iMatter: Big Adventure Weekend – Fuser Report, by Loretta L 19 Puzzles: Winter Maze & Bletchley Park Secrets 20 Back Cover: Toad Activity & puzzle solution omething to If you have s y it! Write to o sa say, please d k.org alplusu fuse@potenti Associate Editor: Gillie Ithell Design and art direction: Max Plathan Address: Potential Plus UK, Suite 1.6, Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DP Tel: 01908 646433 Email: fuse@potentialplusuk.org Copyright 2017 Potential Plus UK. All rights reserved. FUSE is published by Potential Plus UK (the operating name for The National Association For Gift ed Children). Should you wish to use articles or other material from FUSE we are happy to consider requests and will We love full your views at require source acknowledgement. fuse@potentialplusuk.org 2 FUSE