FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 18

iMATTER day 2 continued.... We took turns being the climber s. When it was my group’s turn to climb, we all held onto each oth er’s ropes and when we fell off we got held up in mid-air. We didn’t get as high as the other groups, but we had lots of fun! Aft er that the next activity was Archery. I wasn’t very good at it, but at least other people also kep t missing the target! Next was the Sensory Trail, wh ere you had to do an obstacle course while blindfolded, but you at lea st got to hold on to the people in front of you. One of the obstacles wa s something that the others said was quicksand, I thought was mud -and turned out to be memory foam! The last activity was the Zip Wir e. Where you started was the sam e height as the abseiling tower. I did it three times! M y though ts and met some I enjoyed everything e was the girl other kids I liked. On over! I was on whose canoe flipped r when we did the same team as he as well. the Crate Challenge th going to the It was definitely wor nd and now I Big Adventure Weeke n next year too! can’t wait to go agai 18 FUSE WEB TIP st has a brilliant set ing? The National Tru Want to be out explor ! ¾” 11 e e you'r “50 things to do befor o rg.uk/50-things-to-d www.nationaltrust.o of