FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 17

FUSE Young Reporter ally where you basic e, ez ap Tr as w t Nex imb gular steps to cl used metal trian ung ing off ! I only sw sw en th , le o p a up ause e third step, bec off from about th al rainy so the met y el em tr ex as it w et. ld, muddy and w was slippery, co The last activity on that day was the Challenge Course, which was an obstacle course. It was raining again. The second obstacle was called the Car Wash and I found a really good way of doing it. There were two sheets of tyres that you had to go between. I was finding crawling through almost impossible, so instead I turned on my side and rolled towards the other side and that actually ended up working pretty well. –Problem solving! Day 2 ay, it was sunny On the second d and we went aft er breakfast where the Crate over to the area , For this activity Challenge was. r to four smalle we were split in bers’ stood on groups. The ‘clim of crates, which top of the tower the ‘crate group’ kept growing as . The ‘belayers’ passed up more who pulled the were the people ped e climbers step ropes tight as th to p belayers’ had up. The ‘back-u or, fl a rope to the o be ready to pull n fell and the mai in case a climber react in time. belayer did not continued.... FUSE 17