FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 16

FUSE Young Reporter iMATTER by Young Reporter, Loretta L On our way! Mum, Dad and I y m , er m m su e In th kend Adventure Wee went to the Big ential Plus UK. organised by Pot left from my Even though we ouse instead of grandparents’ h took a while to our house, it still e we had left of th at h W e. er th et g ple for meeting peo day was mostly e d to the area. Th se u g n ti et g d an PGL Liddington place was called of ge site with lots u h a as w it d an d rious towers an buildings, myste other tall things. 16 FUSE Day 1 The next day w e got up early an d had breakfast. Th en, we got read y for the first acti vity: Canoeing. My Dad and I were fa irly good at it, ev en if we didn’t win any of the games . Someone else’s canoe flipped ov er! Aft er that, we d id Abseiling. My Dad landed on his b ottom several ti mes! Abseiling isn't ac tually that scary if you just look at the ropes and th e wall and don’t lo ok up or down. I ended up doin g it four times! I didn’t think I wo uld do it so man y times because la st year I found it quite daunting.