FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 15

THE THEME WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ION TO BE? OF OUR NEXT COMPETIT iMATHS out than made this poem ab The judges loved how Na racy? Nathan, do you love Nume e Lik ts! fac ths ma er op pr puzzle or quest What kind of competition, could we set for you? iARTS It is now a year since our art competition to design the '50th year' letterhead logo. Mirand a B (Sparkler and Fuser!) won with this charming image, which captures the theme perfe ctly. Can you challenge us with a music-, painting-, photogra phy- or dance theme? The 'UK City of Culture' for 2017 was awarded to Kingston upon Hull in East Yorkshire. Did you go to any of Hull's special events, or visit its arc hitecture and landscape? Cities are now competing for the 2021 title; how would you choose the winner? Could FUSE maybe run an Arts and Culture competition based on where Fusers live? WEB TIPS 0611161 /entertainment-arts-4 www.bbc.co.uk/news Thinking Skill s Have you seen how judges argue on talent shows and sports fans disagree with the decisions of the referee? We are each diff erent, with our own experiences and opinions. There is often no totally ‘right’ answer, nor a truly ‘bad’ performance. Sometimes there may be a ‘correct’ way...but we will make mistakes as we build up our skills. If the ‘wrong’ team wins or you don’t get a ‘good’ result at school, don’t get so mad you stop seeing an upside. Have fun and learn while you do the best you can. Life will be full of many more chances for you! FUSE 15