FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 14

iWORDS WINNER FOR SPARK the e-zine for ages 4-7 years THE MATHS OF FIFTY by Nathan G-K, age 7 Five lots of fifty things Five ways maths can bring 5 x 50 to get the 5 in the 250 words ring Five kings to birthday sing 5 x 10 25 x 2 Who said maths isn't for you? Two digits remain from 16 x 3 (48) I really feel maths is for me 48 + 2 46 + 4 Another way to open the door 89 – 39 Isn’t 50 very fine 50 – 0 (zero) 50 is a super-hero! Better not do take away Cause this is a time for party and play So if you divide 100 by 2 You'll get the number for you So we looked at Addition Division Subtraction Multiplication Potential Plus’ 50 Celebration NATHAN TOLD US “Numeracy is one of my favourite subjects! And I wrote 50 words x 5 = 250 words = the competition's word limit!” HANNAH SAID “Nathan sticks to the theme and really focuses on the number fifty. Interesting -and rhyming! Who doesn’t love a bit of numeracy?” “Well-planned ending” “Funny, clever and enthusiastic” “Inspired my daughter to write her own poem about numbers.” “Very good; you actually remember the poem after reading it, including the numbers!” 14 FUSE