FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 13

iWORDS Huge congratulations to Aliya for this brilliant poem with a lovely message! FUSE EDITOR GILLIE Aliya sticks to the theme and really focuses on the number fift y. Not only is it well structured and creative but it is an interesting read – and it rhymes! HANNAH MEHR HIGHLY COMMENDED FOR FUSE These entries were just sooo good we have decided to print them in Spring 2018 FUSE: Finn A-H: WHEN I THINK OF 50 Erin L & Niall L: 'TEAM TROUBLE': FIFTY Naima M: THE CRYSTAL HUNT Dawn S: THE SURPRISE SURPRISE WINNER FOR IGNIS the e-zine for ages 12+ years A TOWN CALLED TRINITY by Katie Pharaoh, age 17 A TOWN CALLED TRINITY (EDITED) Trinity was a small town located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by either lakes or forests. Trinity was known for its peaceful outskirts. Contrasting to that the Andrews tower stood like a glass python, twisting… the Archer building was a monolithic spire, a needle pointed up to the heavens. The forests were where children played, excited by all the nooks and crannies they could explore. –But the forests were also known for their stories… HANNAH SAID “This story has a dark tone. It focuses on time and the theme of fift y is subtle but eff ective.” inter 2017- drama in IGNIS (W ll fu e th ad re n ca You ary! und it rather too sc 18). At FUSE we fo le? plete Katie’s ‘50’ ta How would you com tell us. ALPLUSUK.ORG to TI N TE PO @ SE FU l Emai FUSE 13