FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 12

iWORDS RUNNER-UP FOR FUSE THE WONDERS OF 50 by Aliya S.O., age 8 Fifty is known as a half century in cricket and life, And in anniversaries the 50th one is gold, It is like cutting 100 into 2 with a knife, Fifty is the best number ever that one has told, With fi fty you never ever have a confl ict or strife, This number in human history can never get old. I have fi fty favourite books, Each one equally read, I even have fi fty diff erent looks, Each one with a diff erent hat on my head, So many items get lost in crannies and nooks, By the time you fi nd them, you will mostly knock out on your bed. 50 in dog years is a little more than 7, I even have two dogs namely Pepper and Droopy, But the number of cats I own is eleven, My favourite cartoon character is that dog Snoopy, Put me with fi fty dogs and I will be in a state of zen, When I come home to my pets I say, “Whoopie!” Fifty has so many combinations to get to it, 25+25 is one followed by 40 plus ten, Math is so exciting that one can’t even sit, I love solving math problems with my pen, Always keeping numbers specially 50 in my liking kit, As numbers are my friends when I am alone in a dark den. Giving in 50-50 % is the way to solve a fi ght, When it comes to your loved ones, always share and care, Being kind is more important than showing your might, Seeing others unhappy is something I can’t bear, Everyone should be happy and spread some light, Always going the 50-50 way is something I swear! 12 FUSE