FUSE Winter 2017-2018 - Page 11

iWORDS WINNER FOR FUSE THE BIG FIVE-O by Michael C Fifty is a number, the big fi ve-0 Half a century, that’s old, whoa! People are in their 50’s but say they’re in their 20’s How many people do that? I can tell you, plenty! If you score 50 in a rugby match, you’re doing well You usually have 50 minutes for your lunch break, before they ring the bell The number 50 bus goes through Kings Heath When you’re 50, you start to have false teeth 50 is a bank note, think of all that money 50 degrees would be unspeakably sunny The 0 in fi fty is, around the castle, a moat You could easily sail there but fi rst you’ll need a boat 50 percent in a test is half Bad enough to make you laugh You’re not that great If you’re 50 minutes late!!! 50 in the charts is not a very good song If you don’t like it, it’ll last very long 50 years old is a grand old age Old, but everyone has to go through that stage 50 backwards is 05 You’d only just be alive! “50 miles in that direction” 50 votes in an election 50 years of Potential Plus Wow, that’s lush You’ll notice this poem is really long ‘Cause next year I’ll be writing ‘bout 51! FUSE EDITOR GILLIE FELT THAT “Michael follows HANNAH SAID “Michael focuses on how the Hannah’s guidelines and sticks closely to the topic of 50. He does this in clever and entertaining ways and combines many elements of his lateral thinking with great humour to paint a colourful mental picture.” number fift y is around us in our everyday lives. It shows the practical element of the number fift y and is very well written. We hope he does keep writing!” FUSE 11