FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 9

iMATHS WONDERS BEYOND NUMBERS Johnny Ball We were so excited when TV Presenter Johnny Ball came to our 50th birthday celebrations, shared interesting ideas from his new book - and got our party started! Johnny is famous for popular TV programmes such as Think of a Number; the fi rst to make Maths entertaining. He also used to be President of Potential Plus UK, so we couldn’t wait for his ideas for fun, family maths. WEB TIP 1 Where, when and wh at to see! www.timeanddate.co m/eclipse WEB TIP 2 Precise animations www.timeanddate.co m/eclipse/lunar/2017 -august-7 and www.timeanddate.co m/eclipse/solar/2017 -august-21 WEB TIP 3 NASA explains the dif ference between a pla net transit and a solar ecl ipse www.nasa.gov/featu re/when-planets-trans it Johnny’s daug hter is Zoe Ball from TV and ra dio Johnny watch es Denise Ya cutting our tes huge cake! Wonders Beyond Numbers is Johnny Ball’s chatty new book. Using stories from his life, he shows how maths breakthroughs worldwide do in fact link together. He hopes to spark a love of all areas of maths as we notice numbers, shapes and patterns in the world around us. Could you review Wonders Beyond Numbers for FUSE Winter 2017-2018? Please email fuse@potentialplusuk.org Homeschooled maths winner! 13-year-old Luke Robitaille from Texas (USA) won the 2017 Raytheon Mathcounts National Competition with his lightning-quick response to a probability question...about chicks! It took Luke under a second to smash the final challenge and win the huge $20,000 college scholarship (roughly £15,500) plus an amazing trip to Space Camp in Alabama! Luke shows us all to keep patiently trying – he finished 2 nd in 2016. WEB TIP www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/northeast- tarrant/article151156577.html FUSE 9