FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 8

FUSE Young Reporter iSCIENCE : AUGUST 21, 2017 LIPSE C E R A L O S L IA T R PA artial', with only very, very 'p e This eclipse will be ing covered by th be n su e th of n n passes a small fractio rs when the moo cu oc se lip ec r la e of moon. A so blocking out som n, su e th d an h the between the eart lar eclipse (where so l ta to a g in ur D ars black the sun’s light. , the moon appe n) su e tir en e th ing it. moon covers sunlight surround of lo ha a ith w in the sky, WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE? A very small section of the sun will be dark where the moon covers it – almost as though it has a “bite” taken out of it! HOW CAN I VIEW IT? You must NEVER view the sun with the naked ey e, so don’t try and look directly at the eclipse. I would suggest m aking a pinhole viewer so you ca n see the sun safely. Here’s an interesting link to some easy inst ructions: WEB TIP www.timeanddate.co m/eclipse/box-pinhole -projector.html WHEN CAN I SEE IT? It begins at 7:40pm in the south and is at its maximum at 8:04pm, before sunset at 8:10pm. Different types of eclipses SOLAR ECLIPSES (sun) The moon passes between planet Earth and the sun and blocks the sun’s light from reaching Earth in a certain area. TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 8 PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE LUNAR ECLIPSES (moon) Planet Earth passes between the moon and the sun, preventing the sun’s light from reaching the moon. This only takes place on a full moon. TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE The sun, Earth and moon are completely in-line. This blocks all sunlight from reaching a particular area on Earth. Only part of the sun is blocked by the moon (as seen from Earth). ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE HYBRID SOLAR ECLIPSE PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE The moon appears smaller than the sun and passes into the centre of the ‘solar disc’, leaving a ring of sunlight around the edge. The solar eclipse changes from total-to-annular and annular-to-total along its path. When the moon passes through the penumbra. FUSE The earth completely blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon. PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Only a section of the sun’s light is blocked by the earth from reaching the moon. PLANET TRANSITS When a planet comes between the sun and another planet further away from the sun. (Mercury cannot view a planet transit as there are no planets within its orbit.)