FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 3

LIBROPHILIA! All sorts of Books for all sorts of Bookworms REVIEWS BY IZZY S, AGE 10. a little village in in e liv I d n a zy sister. My name is Iz rents and little a p y m h it w e ir ooks; Nottinghamsh g all sorts of b in d a re m a I t, At the momen Eva Ibbotson. d n a s n ve te S e Rob in th ings. I particularly lik ds of different in k ll a ut o b a stories I enjoy writing ™ and Pictoword ™ ft ra ec in M g me playin ea I have a good ti at and two guin c a ve ha e w ; t animals and I love mos hes and slugs! ec le te ha I ut b , pigs R NE RIDE A MINECR AFT PIG ON P 17 Billionaire Boy by David Walliams At the start of the story, we meet the main character – Joe Spud, Billionaire Boy. Joe has... crocodiles? Tick! Private zoo? Tick! £20,000 pocket money? Tick! A friend? No... The one thing that Joe’s dad couldn’t buy was friendship for his son. First, Joe’s dad (who created 'Bum Fresh', which is a type of toilet roll) sends Joe off to a ridiculously posh school. But on his birthday, Joe requests to go to the normal school in the town. Finally, his dad agrees and so Joe's quest to find a friend begins. Joe eventually finds Bob to be his friend. This book follows their friendship, their fallouts and how they fight bullies together. Partway through the book, Joe runs away. But when he sees how unhappy his father is without him, Joe eventually returns home. Once Joe and his dad find their feet, they move in with Bob and his mum. This book is very good and I recommend that all ages (especially 9+) read and treasure it. WEB TIP www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/book/billionaire-boy/ FUSE 3