FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 20

Quiz many to 50? How MAKE SURE CHECK IF YO YOU U NEED TO a d d + /plus… or - subtract/take awa y! How many... pieces of Hannah Williams-Lovell's advice does Libby V tell us? parts has Loretta now written in her Horse Diary? - pounds (£) is our “FIFTY” competition prize worth? + - books does Izzy S review? is the Solar Eclipse date in August that Ruby D describes? writing tips does Hannah Mehr give? + + TOTAL = SO… DOES THIS MAKE 50? (Answer below) Potential Plus UK (the operating name of The National Association for Gift ed Children) is a charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential* of all ages and backgrounds.  This includes children who have been identified as Academically More Able within the school setting who have the potential to achieve in a Our aim is to enable every child with high learning potential to grow in confidence, thrive and achieve fulfilment. *This is the term preferred by Potential Plus UK POTENTIAL PLUS UK T 01908 646433 E amazingchildren@potentialplusuk.org Suite 1.6, Challenge House Sherwood Drive, Bletchley Milton Keynes MK3 6DP CHARITY NUMBER 313182 Answers to Quiz A Yes it does add up to 50! Just to be sure: 3 - 2 + 25 - 3 + 21 + 6 = 50 www.potentialplusuk.org www.i-explore.net wide range of academic subjects, the arts or leadership, those who are Dual and Multiple Exceptional (high ability  coupled with a disability or learning diffi culty) and the profoundly gift ed.