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On the cover: Archie P makes blue gloop at the Potential Plus UK 50th Birthday celebration S: UTOR B I R T ON C H TC O PN O T Ruby Loretta Izzy Libby g experimental, How are you? We are feelin new for Summer so we have tried something Weblinks fi lling page 2017! Instead of our Cool of unusual 'Web-Tips' 19, we have sprinkled lots SE. You will fi nd throughout the whole of FU they relate to – PLUS them alongside the articles eful 'Page-Turner' links you will spot fabulously us eresting reading in which help you fi nd other int ing that helps you to this FUSE. We know anyth We think it's great, but jump around is epic! ialplusuk.org do tell us at fuse@potent which way you prefer. prepare to have fun So, read on, click away and ngs about ‘50’. -Yes, with some very random thi rating our 50th we are still very much celeb me along to our 50th anniversary year! Did you co Cranfi eld University? party or Challenge Day at got up to and if you We'd love to hear what you ybe you just mingled met anyone famous. Or ma ous best friends from with your soon-to-be-fam Potential Plus?! mer! Enjoy the sum Associate Editor: Gillie Ithell Design and art direction: Max Plathan Address: Potential Plus UK, Suite 1.6, Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DP Tel: 01908 646433 Email: fuse@potentialplusuk.org Copyright 2017 Potential Plus UK. All rights reserved. FUSE is published by Potential Plus UK (the operating name for The National Association For Gift ed Children). Should you wish to use articles or other material from FUSE we are happy to consider requests and will We love full your views at require source acknowledgement. fuse@potentialplusuk.org FUSE Rebecca H CONTENTS: H ELLO, FUSERS! 2 Hannah Poppy 3-5 Librophilia! Fuser Review, by Izzy S 5 Librophilia! News: 50 Challenges & Wonders Beyond Numbers 6-8 iSCIENCE: Eclipses Coming Up… by Young Reporter Ruby D 9 iMATHS: Johnny Ball & Mathcounts winner 10-11 iWORDS: FIFTY Writing Competition with Hannah Mehr 12 iARTS & Thinking Skills: Being More Able In Drama 13 iWORLD: Article 50 13 iTECH: UK Technology Fast 50 14-15 iMATTER: Potential Plus UK 50th Anniversary Party 2017 by Young Reporter Ruby D 16 iMATTER: Horse Diary (part 2) Fuser Report by Loretta L 17 Minecraft™ pigs are cool! Fuser Report by Loretta L 18 iMATTER: Young Warden’s Day Out! Fuser Report by Poppy I 18 Diary Dates 19 Activity Mix: including ‘Young Roots’ 20 Quiz! omething to If you have s y it! Write to o sa say, please d k.org alplusu fuse@potenti