FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 18

iMATTER NER UR S STABLE ING E E R VOLUNT 16 P ON by Poppy I, age 10 Young Warden's day out! I recently volunteered to be a Young Warden at a huge local park. A Warden is someone who looks aft er a park's environment and wildlife. In my first session, I met the lady teaching us what to do and -most importantly- how to do it safely! She told us we were going to cut loads of bamboo sticks from plants growing locally in that park. The sticks would be made into bug- and bee houses for a massive County Fair, so lots of people could have them to put in their gardens. We had a competition to see who could cut the most 3-inch-long bamboo sticks; my partner and I won with 128 sticks! Then all of the kids and I got hot chocolate and biscuits! It was a really fun day and the best part is I know I was helping creatures to find homes. Next time we will pull up thistles, cut brambles and water hard-to-get-to plants. AND GE YOUR PA T RE AND CAR NTS TO SAVE ERS THEM TOO! DIARY DATES 21st to 23rd July 2017 BIG ADVENTURE WEEKEND Swindon 12th August FAMILY LEARNING DAY FOR POTENTIAL PLUS Bletchley Park 18 FUSE 9th September NEW COLLEGE FOR THE HUMANITIES (age 14+) 21st to 22nd October 2017 BIG FAMILY WEEKEND Peterborough Regularly EXPLORER GROUPS Surrey, Ipswich, Greater Manchester & Cheshire and Liverpool (Merseyside & Wirral) Now and then FAMILY MEET-UPS across the country ASK fuse@potentialplusuk.org FOR DETAILS