FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 17

Minecraft ™ Pigs are Cool! Minecraft is something I’ve been doing since I got the PC version for my birthday. In my Minecraft world, there is a colony of pigs halfway down my waterslide. Aft er my favourite pig 'died'/ went missing/ escaped/ (who knows?), I decided to help the pig colony a bit by feeding it, decorating its space and putting on some music. I guess I felt guilty too because these pigs were the same ones that escaped and fell in water during my lava experiment to see if I would get cooked pork. A surprising number of things can happen to pigs in Minecraft ! I mentioned riding Minecraft pigs in my Horse Diary. What you need to do is get a saddle (from a chest in a dungeon) and FUSE Young Reporter NER UR IZ Z Y LIKE S MINECR A FT TOO; CHE CK O UT LIBROPH ILIA! by Young Reporter Loretta L, age 9 a carrot on a stick (by craft ing a fishing rod with a carrot). Select the saddle and right-click it on the pig. Hold the carrot on the stick in your hand. Right-click the pig to get onto it. Look where you want to go once you’re on. Minecraft pigs and nasty creepers are pretty much cousins. The current creeper is based on a failed early model for pigs. The height and width of the body were the wrong way around and they were a strange grey colour. Creepers and pigs are now very diff erent. WEB TIP ‘How to’ pages for different Minecraft versions and platforms: www.digminecraft.com/transportation_recipes/make_carrot_stick.php www.digminecraft.com/transportation_recipes/make_saddle.php www.digminecraft.com/getting_started/how_to_ride_pig.php FUSE 17