FUSE Summer 2017 - Page 16

FUSE Young Reporter iMATTER HO RSE D Pa IA rt R 2 Y by Young Loretta Reporter L , age 9 June 2017 I’m still a Junior Volunteer at the stables. The horses love rolling about in the outdoor arena, but it makes them muddy. I now have a grooming rosette for giving a horse a really good groom. I enjoyed it, but it did take about an hour! Recently I visited some friends who have horses near their house. One had a shiny bridle -and you can guess why I called another one ‘Dalmatian-Bottom’! When I went out of the gate, one of the smaller horses tried to escape! I really like all the things I do with horses. I’m getting good at Level 2 riding. I think I accidentally cantered a few weeks ago! It was meant to be a trot, but the leader had the lead-rope clipped on in the wrong place and we went so fast, I’m pretty sure it was actually a canter! It was really fast but didn’t feel bumpy and for some reason I felt I didn’t need to do the up-down thing that you do in rising trot. You don’t usually get to pick which horse you’re on, but for whatever reason I always seem to be on a black horse. The stables have recently been getting some new horses. I might get to ride them soon. Horses aren’t the only thing I can ride – I can also ride Minecraft pigs! This is how I felt! 16 FUSE